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EEchain Optronics Corp.

6F., No.105
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Jhonghe District 235

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Advantech Co., Ltd.
For more than 17 years, Advantech has provided innovative solutions for automation. The company was founded in 1983 as a turnkey system integrator. Today Advantech offers more than 500 PC-based products. Each year Advantech introduces an average of 30 new products. This product range and commitment to research and development allows Advantech to provide complete solutions for automation.

It would be the beginning of 2002 before the name Albatron would first be heard along corporate corridors, but one must go back to 1984 to trace the true birth of the company. Starting out as Chun Yun Electronics, the company was primarily a display manufacturer, producing wide-screen multimedia monitors, rear projection systems, TVs, and plasma displays. The change in name to Albatron signaled the dawning of a new product line and a new direction.
Biostar Microtech International Corp.
Year 1980. The IT industry was growing at a breathtaking rate. The founder of BIOSTAR GROUP, equipped with accumulated experiences in electronic parts buying and selling and with a careful study of the future demand for mainboards and add-on cards, established BIOSTAR MICROTECH INTERNATIONAL CORP in 1986.
Fastfame Technology Co., Ltd.
FASTFAME TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was established in 1988. Today FASTFAME becomes a multi-national enterprise of R&D, manufacturing, marketing for Motherboard and PC. FASTFAME with ISO 9002 certified and ISO 9001 certified provides high quality OEM/ODM services in the fields of R&D and manufacturing for customers. In 1996, FASTFAME founded its brand of "FASTFAME", and began to market the motherboard in the world. The subsidiaries in USA, Germany, Brazil, Holland form the delivery platform and service center of "FASTFAME" motherboard. Up to date, "FASTFAME" gain the reputation of genuine quality with reasonable price and the authorization from the world PC media.
Flytech Technology Co., Ltd.
Flytech Technology was founded in 1984, for more than a decade, its business is focusing in the development, design and manufacturing of the Book PCs, Net PCs, POS PCs and IPCs. In 2000, Flytech relocated its headquarter to 2F, No. 68, Jang-Shu 2nd Rd, Hsi-Chih, Taipei County, Taiwan.
Fun Tech Corp.
ICT corporation was established in 1980. Initially the company produced large scale gaming machines for the market of the gaming industry. During 1985~1987 the company has revolution in the business field, the company was produced the first Bill Accepter which called HSV-300.
The company philosophy of "Innovative products with Quality Customer Service" has been a guiding principle throughout the company's development.
Gemmy Electronics Co., Ltd.
During the 1970s, electronics industry in Taiwan transformed from the initiationperiod to theprosperous development period, the demand for all kinds of related parts and components was increasing, and electrolytic capacitor manufacture
became a cause of demand. Cygnus Inc. was the exclusive distributor of the Republic Foil made by National Aluminum, a unit of National Steel in the USA Under the vigorous demand for the foil, the supply could not satisfy the demand,
thus Cygnus got the National permission to transfer the production technique and set up a foil forming plant in Taiwan, which became the major supplier of the formed foil in Taiwan at that time
Giga-Byte Technology Co., Ltd.
On the doorstep of the new millennium, people are yearning for new perspectives, new life styles, and more important, better solutions. Being a key player in the global marketplace, GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY not only has the ambition to grow into the world's best motherboard maker, but is also equipped with the momentum to provide quality solutions to the demands of today's customers, and thus is able to keep pace with a constantly changing market.

With a strong base of R&D resource and excellent manufacturing capability, the prominent PC motherboard maker GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY is now ready to progress into a field even closer to our future lifestyle. We believe that new communication technologies create great opportunities for both the business and our customers. In order to seize this crucial opportunity, we have set up new business sections as a first step for actualizing our commitment to better solutions for customers.
Micro-Star International (MSI™) keeps the principle of "Award-winning product quality and outstanding customer service" in producing its mainboards and add-on cards, and achieves its position as one of the Top 10 mainboard manufacturers in the world, and one of the Top 3 in Taiwan.
Quanta, the largest notebook PC manufacturer in Taiwan, has had the top notebook sales in Taiwan for 3 consecutive years. With the powerful R&D team and flexible operation strategies, Quanta introduces excellent products with advanced technology and creates high product added-value at a low cost. The shipment in 1999 shares not only 23% of the total in Taiwan but also 11.28% of the global market, which makes Quanta one of the most important notebook PC manufacturers in the world. With focus on high quality and leadership in high-tech market trends, Quanta engages in long-term cooperation with world leading brands like Dell, HP, IBM, Gateway, Siemens, and Sharp and sets its goal 'to be the top notebook computer manufacturer in the world.' In addition, Quanta is expanding to the cultivation of new products and new markets and diversification of operations to start the new functions of new-thought enterprise, intending to create a new high for Quanta in 2000
As the growth of the global output value of information hardware keeps declining, the usage of INTERNET becomes ever more popular, and the output value of software, network, and E-commerce climbs ceaselessly, there have been a sleuth of calls that intelligent appliances will depart from their dependence on the computer industry and become a mainstream industry in the PC PLUS era.

USI commits to offer Strategic Partners
Design, Manufacturing and Service (DMS) with integrated Computing/Communation/
Video-Audio Technologies in 4c industries
USI will act as an extension of our customers’ own design and operations in achieving the maximum business objectives with minimum resources

Since established in 1976, USI has positioned herself as a long term manufacturing partner for its customers all over the world. Starting from Thick Film Hybrid technology, USI is now a world leader in services ranging from component level to system level in Electronic Packaging, SMT Boards assembly, and Systems assembly.

AACOM corp.
ABIT Computer Corporation
Moving to a new building this year represents a whole new step for ABIT in truly becoming an international enterprise and moving directly towards our 2005 vision. While facing a serious recession and fierce competition in the IT field, ABIT has managed to prevail and create it's own future. We have held quality and innovation as our first priority for the past ten years, and continually insist in giving all our customers the best products and services.

The brand name 'ABIT" has been a symbol of quality, performance, and stability for a long time. No matter where you are, you can find ABIT's products and the spirit our products have. It is a great honor for us to be one of the premier motherboard manufacturers in the world. Without every employee's hard work and outstanding teamwork, it is impossible for ABIT to achieve all this. ABIT has also had the help and support of great partners along the way.
Established in 1997, Ace Asia Co., Ltd. provides OEM/ODM and IPO distributionservices for automotive, computer and electronics products. We have successfully build up good reputation by provide high quality product, on time delivery and professional services to our worldwide customers.

To remain ahead in the face of the stiff competition of the domestic and international markets, we constantly verified our product quality by strict standard and develop relationship with world-leading manufacturers to discover new technology and new products. 95% of our product products are manufactured by ISO standard or above

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